“Entering into the sector at 2015 in Turkey, Invisible Hair was established by Didem Özcan, who is aware of the great deficit in the sector with her workmanship, quality and knowledge she have gained in Europe, as a result of long and detailed international researches and trainings. Didem Özcan, who was the first to bring the lace wig product to the country, received various trainings on wigs and hair expertise in England and Sweden and managed to advance her expertise in such direction. To this date, Invisible Hair products have been a hope for thousands of chemotherapy patients, alopecia patients and people with various other hair disorders. The Invisible Hair increased its brand awareness in our country through increasing its product range in a short time and became the preferred brand of many celebrities. Unlike its competitors, our company, which is a world-renowned brand, has adopted the principle of providing its customers with health and attention to detail quality and continues to increase its success graphic day by day with the mission “”Brand is the promise of quality given to the customer.”


To deliver the world’s best quality lace wig and hair systems to millions of people for healthy happiness, to be the leader of the sector in Turkey and the world by achieving permanent customer satisfaction.


“We pride ourselves on providing our customers with happiness services primarily for health. With the mission “”Brand is the promise of quality given to the customer””, we offer our customers the best, high quality, healthy service in order to create a genial, conscientious and lasting happiness. We consider serving the same standards all over the Turkey and the world as respect for humanity. Adding happiness to the solution of a health problem is the most important part of our mission. Contributing to a person’s happiness is the most honorable part of our existence. To deliver the best quality service to our customers in every category of the hair industry. Maintaining our leadership in the sector for many years in the name of beauty and health for all age categories.”


“Our customers, employees and business partners are is a part of our family.”

“Our most important values are to establish strong ties with love, respect and health for many years and to serve in family holiness.”

“In addition, we exist with the values of sustainable success, fair and ethical management, openness to learning, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and honesty.”

our goals

  • To open franchising showrooms in every province of Turkey,
  • To generate employment, 
  • Reaching millions of patients with chemotherapy, alopecia and other hair ailments, bringing them the beautiful hair and helping them feel good.
  •  Keeping customer satisfaction at the maximum level, serving a large number of satisfied customers, contributing to the country’s economy, creating employment, leading in the sector, being strategically present all over Turkey, maintaining our existence as a large establishment for generations with many halls gathered under one roof that is perfect in every aspect.
"Brand is the promise of quality given to the customer."  


“Corporate culture is a system of values and norms that shared and adopted within the organization.  “

“Values are what define what is important.  ”

“Norms define the appropriate attitudes and behaviors expected from institution members  ”

Corporate culture enables people to think and act jointly while doing or producing their work, thus achieving a common sense. 
hear from our customers
usıng lace wıg

Indeed, the hair looks shimmery. Thank you very much for your care.


I have bought hair extension. I’m very happy with it. They are of high quality. I would recommend it.


I lost my hair due to my illness. Now, I have gained my self-confidence back. Thank you very much!


“There was an opening on my top. First I bought a toupee, then lace wig. I am very pleased. Service and quality are very good.
Thank you so much.”


It was not until last month when I first experienced the lace wig. It is pleasing that the products I saw abroad are also in our country.
Mrs Didem was incredibly helpful.
I wish you a prosperous business.”

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