Lace Wig

Being the most professional and thinnest wigs in the world, lace wigs are in incredible demand in our country as in the whole world. 

It becomes a source of hope for not only chemotherapy or alopecia patients, but also women who are not satisfied with their hair color or whose hair is worn out after various hairdressing procedures.
What are the lace wig
How lace wigs
are applied?
Lace wig
use instructions
Original lace wigs are made entirely from Swiss lace. The feature of Swiss lace is that it is the strongest and thinnest textured lace in the world. laces produced in China or other countries are quite unlike the Swiss lace. Original Swiss lace is in harmonises with with your skin and thanks to its very thin texture, it integrates with your skin. Made from Swiss lace, INVISIBLE HAIR lace wigs come in different varieties. There are varieties such as full lace wig, half lace wig, front lace wig and top lace wig according to the needs and demands of the person. All of them can be produced in INVISIBLE HAIR.
The lace on the front of your lace wig should be carefully cut from the beginning of the hair with thin (eyebrow) scissors. Afterwards, if you are going to use it with glue, apply the liquid or tape glue to your skin (when the glue touches your own hair, it loses its adhesion feature, so it is important to adhere to the skin). If you want the glue to be solid, apply cold air on the glue for 3 minutes with the help of a cold blow dryer. Then center your wig lace of which has been cut, and fix it so that it is placed on the adhesive. First, glue the front part of the wig. If you bought a full lace wig, then glue the ear, then the nape. After making sure that you fixed it well, fix the area you have glued with the help of a scarf. After waiting for 10 minutes, you can unfold the scarf that you have tied tightly and form your lace wig as you desire with the help of a straightener or tongs.
  • Carefully cut the fine lace around your wig from the beginning of the hair and then attach it to your head.
  • You can narrow and widen the elastic adjustment with clasps on the nape according to your own head size.
  • You can use the product with or without glue.
  • We recommend that you comb your wig with a special wide toothed wooden comb. After washing, loose your hair with a comb. It is recommended to wash every 3-4 weeks.
  • Place hand inside the wig, hold warm water under the shower. Pour the shampoo in sufficient amount on the top, rub it down with your hand, never rubbing it and washing it upside down. If you use cream, apply it to the ends and rinse thoroughly. You can use serum and conditioning oil.
  • After washing, remove the excess water from top to bottom. Then leave it to rest on a towel.
  • After the wig is dehumidificated, you can dry it from top to bottom with a dryer.
  • Never dry your wig by turning inside out.
  • After your product dries thoroughly, you can give it the shape you want with tongs and straightener. (max. 180 Degrees)
  • Before doing hairdressing procedures on your wig such as cutting and painting, definitely seek help from professional hands.
  • You can contact us for all the questions you want to ask.

Indeed, the hair looks shimmery. Thank you very much for your care.


I have bought hair extension. I’m very happy with it. They are of high quality. I would recommend it.


I lost my hair due to my illness. Now, I have gained my self-confidence back. Thank you very much!


“There was an opening on my top. First I bought a toupee, then lace wig. I am very pleased. Service and quality are very good.
Thank you so much.”


It was not until last month when I first experienced the lace wig. It is pleasing that the products I saw abroad are also in our country.
Mrs Didem was incredibly helpful.
I wish you a prosperous business.”

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